Call tracking

Track what channels generate leads

Call tracking is particularly helpful for businesses that take payment offline, typically using their websites as a lead generator and taking sales offline. Through the use of unique numbers and call whispers we are able to understand where your users found you, which campaigns or pages on your site generate the most enquiries and help you assess the quality of your sales teams.

How it works

We assign unique or dynamic tracking phone numbers to each of your marketing collaterals such as your website, landing pages or PPC ads. Once a lead calls the number after viewing your content the call is tracked and logged. Our Call Tracking service gives us the ability to review this data over time to determine which of your marketing efforts or channels is the best performer.

Better attribution

We are able to track calls made from your website, keywords and ads to their original marketing source. Our call tracking system is easily integrated with google ads, analytics and various CRMs, helping show a complete picture of attribution from all your marketing efforts.

Other features

We offer detailed monthly reports for all of our clients call tracking applications. We are also able to offer paid search call tracking, quick and easy integration with other applications, international numbers and speech analytics. We are also able to record all of your calls to help you assess call quality. Get in touch to find out more.

Why use us for Call Tracking?

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