Drone photography

Taking photoshoots to new heights

Reach new heights and set the trend amongst your competitors. For businesses that want to highlight their brand from a fresh new perspective, we offer a range of drone photography and drone video services, which also includes indoor drone photography & video.

Why use drones?

Using drones can allow us to give your photos a unique and interesting perspective, as well capture some amazing action shots. Drones can help you access hard-to-reach areas helping to minimise the risk of injury. All of our drone footage is captured in stunning 4K and translates perfectly on social media, youtube or your websites.  All of our drone pilots are fully certified and licensed.

Where can i use drones?

Typically drones are used as an outdoor filming solution to capture unique shots that would be difficult to otherwise capture. We boast a large fleet of drones with specific capabilities including indoor close quarter drones.  We are able to fly our drones in most locations in line with UK regulations. 

Sports events

Residential property

Corporate & social Events

Showcase products

Music & promo videos

Commercial properties

Our drone shots

We capture high quality, engaging drone footage. Below are some examples of our most recent shoots. Our drone shots are perfect for your website, social media channels, or youtube content. We offer night time filming, events, real estate/property, sports, as well as using drones during regular shoots or video production. Get in touch with us to find out more

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