Opportuniy in Crisis

The effects of the recent pandemic have dealt a fatal blow to the economy. As a result, many business owners have suffered. Alas, all is not lost! Albert Einstien once said “in the midst of every crisis lies a great opportunity.” 

Turning a negative into positive

During the lockdown period many services have been taken away, reduced, or distributed differently. The benefit of this is that we have now been provided with the greatest yet most under-estimated commodity, time. While restrictions on social interaction has left many brands unable to trade from a product and service point of view, it is a perfect time to increase consumer loyalty and engagement. 

Brands like KFC have done a brilliant job at this with the #RateMyKFC campaign. KFC has urged its consumers to try and recreate their favourite KFC dishes, then judging them – rather harshly! This is a great example of leveraging a bad situation by staying concurrent, encouraging consumer engagement and creating content that people want to see and interact with.

Right now is the perfect opportunity to assess your own internal strengths as a company, particularly with regards to improving your digital assets. During social distancing, all businesses have been forced to consider one crucial question,  can we offer our products and services differently? Many restaurants who traditionally offered a dine-in only experience now offer delivery and collection services, with orders being processed online via e-commerce websites, apps, or through third party organisations such as Just Eat, Uber Eats, etc.  Due to the success of such actions, many restaurants may continue to offer a delivery/collection service long after they reopen. Digital Assets You might be wondering what we mean by digital assets. We are referring to any online channel that you have; Paid, owned or earned. It’s important to make sure all of these things are consistent, up to date, and are an accurate reflection of your brand. Such assets include your website, social media channels, blogs etc. Furthermore, do your channels add value? Its all very well getting 1000 likes on instagram, but does that translate into enquiries or sales? Right now is the best time for businesses to review their digital capability. The familiar phrase, got to spend money to make money” could not be any more relevant. With more people spending more time online the main question you should be asking yourself is are my digital assets are a true reflection of my brand? For instance, does your website reflect your store? Are you currently trading online, and i not could you? We have broken down a few of the most common online channels Website – Is your site still fit for purpose? Social media – is your content relevant and engaging? Third party profiles – Branded vs unbranded search – how far of a reach do you have online? Search engine ranking – are you showing up within the relevant keywords or phrases and within specific caption areas? Mobile app –  Do i need one? PPC – What’s your actual ROI? With the current business climate, the best chances of success are endowed to those that can adapt efficiently to the effects of indeterminate change. For more information get in touch today at enquiries@k-numerique.com

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